Wavex: Forward Thinking IT

From Value Proposition development to always-on omnichannel lead generation on autopilot.

A BAREBONE exclusive, ongoing project with a very challenging objective: in less than 6 months, create a performance marketing engine with the ability to increase and decrease the media budgets based on seasonality and capacity. That can run on autopilot.

To achieve the goals of the project, we had to start with a very diligent competitive analysis and customer understanding so we could get to what the clients care about most when buying IT services to know which Wavex capability needs to be brought forward.

Working together with the senior team we helped them unpack and then re-assemble the Wavex value proposition in a way that is one hand focused on their customers’ actual needs and on the other fit-for-purpose for ongoing lead generation.

We used our proprietary methodology to create a Messaging Platform to help us underpin all the messaging for performance marketing – for ads and landing pages.

We then identified the relevant keyword searches across all major search engines and focused on the ones that were more likely to convert to a qualified lead. The search keywords were grouped into themes and we created tailored landing pages to keep the costs down in a very competitive search marketing landscape – one of the most competitive in the world.

In addition to a solid search presence, a robust re-marketing and re-targeting strategy ensured Wavex remained top-of-mind for prospects who did not convert.

There was enough volume in our targeting pool that allowed Wavex to increase spend 4X without losing out on performance. To support the ongoing marketing efforts we have developed a Thought Leadership approach that generats relevant content to keep Wavex top of mind for their clients.