Strategic support for brand and marketing

Our philosophy is simple: it’s our client’s journey, we’re here to support your team deliver on the business vision and ambition. Between us, we draw on decades of experience in senior agency roles. With respect to your time, budgets and intelligence, we are a trusted partner all the way from strategy to implementation.

about us

A note from the founders

We founded BAREBONE in London in 2017 because we believe there’s a better way to unlock value for clients. After many years spent both on client and agency side, we left our senior positions because we know there is a leaner, smarter way to do the work.

We are both strategists, planners and delivery experts. The expertise we bring to the table allows us to tackle a wide range of projects. We have academic backgrounds in neuro-marketing, in-house experience at Google and almost a decade of agency experience in London.

We’ve completed difficult re-branding projects; launched brands, new service offerings and calls for innovation; tackled sensitive internal comms projects for large multi-national corporations; and ran cost-effective ROI positive performance marketing campaigns for fast growing start-ups.

Our approach is always made-to-measure with the view to help our clients bridge the gap between their business ambitions and the reality of the market. That’s why we often challenge the briefs that come our way. So we’d love for you to reach out and chat about your particular challenge or objectives.

We love London (most days) and that’s our playground. It’s a city unlike any other city in the world which inspires us to be better and deliver up to standards. London is our very own big other.

It makes us happy to be able to work here, we feel incredibly fortunate and never take it for granted. That’s why we are mindful of our reputation and never over-promise. We know what’s achievable and we’ll make sure you know it as well from our chemistry meeting.

While the city has a fast paced rythm, we choose a delibrate pace and strive to do things considered and with diligence. We recognise that this approach is not for every client, and that’s okay.

This is what we call doing things proper.

Alex & Bogdan, Barebone founders


Our services and products

We’re most confident on projects that require deep customer understanding and wide marketing expertise – like digital strategies, brand experiences, developing ownable value propositions, cut-through messaging and stand-out creative assets that deliver.

Strategists by trade, we rely on our carefully curated network of art directors, animators, web developers and data scientists to take projects from strategy to implementation.