Water Discovery Challenge

Water Discovery Challange

Bringing fresh thinking into the water sector to help it become more resilient and progressive. 

Building on the value we added to the Longitude Prize on Dementia, Challenge Works reached out to help them deliver a similar approach for attracting innovators towards the water sector. So we teamed up with Canopy again to create an animation that would stop people in their tracks and get them to think about how they can contribute to supporting the water sector tackle the big environmental, technical and societal challenges it faces. 

The first thing we did was challenge the assumption that we had to just send across factual information. We worked hard to shift the thinking towards a highly engaging story that would get people to pay attention and ultimately care. Getting under the skin of the Challenge as well as the water sector was our starting point. We then took a creative leap towards the idea of developing an animated story about water navigating the complicated ‘labyrinth’ that the water sector is nowadays and how innovation can help it escape but also solve some of the systemic issues at play. 

Stakeholder engagement was critical and we worked together with the client’s project team to bring everyone involved on this journey. Carefully considered, yet sharp messaging complemented the highly creative approach and blended seamlessly into an end product that is one part marketing vehicle, one part mini animated story. We then created a toolkit of assets to help the Challenge Works comms team deliver the call for innovation campaign.

Everyone on our side enjoyed the project so much, that after delivering all the required assets for marketing purposes, we set off to create a Director’s Cut version of the film. We are very proud to have been part of such an important project as well as of the end result.

Client testimonials

“We had the pleasure to work with Bogdan and his team on an animation project that would help us attract innovators to the Water Discovery Challenge. The project required strong storytelling, creative and negotiation skills, all of which Bogdan channelled effectively to turn a niche message into a relatable story that anyone can understand.

Throughout the project, Bogdan demonstrated professionalism and good will, which helped to resolve challenges and successfully achieve the desired result. We were impressed by Bogdan’s commitment to the project as well as his creative and hard-working attitude. It is clear that Bogdan takes pride in his work and strives to deliver a high-quality product. The end result was a beautiful animation that exceeded our expectations.”

Caecilie Hougaard Pedersen, Programme Manager, Challenge Works
Elettra Pellanda, Assistant Programme Manager, Challenge Works