Subtonic STORM

Subtonic STORM

Ongoing brand strategy and marketing support for the coolest brand in ultra premium in-ear-monitors for discerning audiophiles

We are proud to be the official brand and marketing partner for Subtonic, one of the hottest and most interesting startups we had the opportunity to work with. Our continuing support for them ranges from brand strategy to product launch strategies, marketing messaging and activation content. 

In Autumn 2022, we helped Subtonic through the very successful launch of their first proof-of-concept artisanal in-ear monitor. Storm brings to life the brand’s unique, uncompromising design philosophy in a highly compelling way and firmly puts it on the wishlist of discerning audio enthusiasts.

Working closely with the founders (thanks Cornelius and Ken for being such great sparring partners!), we unpacked Subtonic’s no-compromise design philosophy and reviewed their product approach and roadmap to help them articulate a clear value proposition that now sits at the heart of the Subtonic brand. Together with our friends from Canopy, we created a badass launch video for Storm showcasing the unique way in which it is an embodiment of the brand’s ethos and philosophy.

Shorter cuts and still images showcasing both technical and emotional benefits made up the toolkit that supported the launch campaign: building up the hype towards an already highly anticipated launch in the 10 days leading up to the official launch date culminating with the unveiling of the full video on the day the webstore opened.

Our great relationship hinges on a strong connection and working closely to the extent that we write briefs together and collaborate on delivering the results.

Client testimonials

“Working with BAREBONE allowed our company to reinforce our strong brand identity, helping us to figure out the best possible approach as we launched our flagship product. The advice given allowed us to understand the intricacies and nuances associated with high-end products and branding. The animated video had beautiful and strong visuals thanks to the clever creative direction suggested by Bogdan. Working with BAREBONE was easy thanks to their excellent consultants which gave insightful and useful advice for marketing and branding.”

Cornelius Lee, Co-founder, Subtonic

“BAREBONE have the expertise and knowledge for translating of our philosophy into defining brand identity in the landscape. The team is ingenious in obtaining vital elements from our mere words and infusing them into an animation video for our launch campaign.” – Ken Liu, Co-founder, Subtonic

Ken Liu, Co-founder, Subtonic

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