Longitude Prize on Dementia

Attracting innovators to help develop technology for people living with early stages of dementia.

To support our long-standing clients at Challenge Works with this call for innovation, we teamed up with our friends at Canopy. Together we created the right vehicle to tell an engaging story that would get innovators around the world to start thinking about how they can contribute to helping people with early stages of dementia to remain independent in their homes for longer.

We deployed a deep interrogation process to understand the world of people living with the early stages of dementia: we reviewed existing research and case studies but also took the time to have deep conversations with people involved in the project, caretakers and even people living with the condition. 

The activation strategy was a key part of the solution and the animated film we developed was designed with it in mind. We identified the most relevant channels, devised a clear psychographic targeting mechanic and created shorter animations (from the main one) as marketing vehicles. 

The key to the project turned out to be the re-writing of the brief: turning an information-dense call to innovation into a powerful story. to be delivered through a fit-for-purpose beautiful animation that could be activated across relevant digital channels to target the right innovator groups.

Client Testimonials

“From branding, filmmaking and animation, we have worked with Bogdan since 2019. They have provided Challenge Works with brilliant insight for our visual aspirations and unique timeless assets to propel our brand and work forwards. We look forward to working with them more in the future.”

Shae Harmon, Communications Manager, Challenge Works