Traditionally, business has been all about capitalising on serendipitous market opportunities. It’s been like this for a very long time: build it and they will come. However, today’s most accomplished business leaders quote customer obsession as the most important factors of their company’s success.

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Marshall McLuhan said the medium is the message, way back in 1967! Today this is more valid than ever: your communication channel carries a big part of the message, that’s why comms should be tailored not only for a specific target audience but also for the medium they are carried by.


The definition and understanding of brand often comes up in business related conversations. Everyone operates with their own particular ‘explanation’, carefully chosen from the more popular trends. The issue is that most of these are rarely focusing on what the brand actually does for the business, leading to deformed perceptions. So what is it that… Read more »

There are two very distinct but equally important ways of looking at brand: the internal perspective: what does it mean for the business the market perspective: what does it mean for consumers Together they form the complete picture and create the right conditions for brand to drive business growth. Oftentimes only one perspective is taken… Read more »

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In recent times, long term vision and short term planning are often referred to as the holy grail for business growth. How come then, so many businesses fail to implement such a system? It’s actually quite simple: any business needs both at the same time. Gain clarity on what your role is in the world… Read more »


Data in and by itself is worthless. It becomes valuable not when it’s collected, not when it’s structured, not even when it’s interpreted but only when the data-driven insights you extract from it are put into context and applied to the business. Don’t just measure for the sake of measuring!