What does BAREBONE do?

BAREBONE helps business leaders quickly and effectively adapt their organisations to the reality of their market.


How do you create the best possible customer experience when customers exhibit seemingly erratic behaviours?

How do you adopt the right marketing technology solutions when new ‘breakthroughs’ are being advertised every other day?

How do you keep your employees engaged and happy when startups, scaleups and corporates alike fight for and boast cultural superiority?

How do you reconcile the years it takes to develop new products or features with the frantic rate of change in markets?

How do you articulate a compelling value proposition when market trends depend on evasive customer wants, needs and expectations?

Before BAREBONE we’ve spent decades working on these problems. Now, we are confident we can help you solve them.


The approach

We develop and create strategic tools (sometimes bespoke) to help bridge the gaps between internal capabilities and the reality of the market.

These tools are valuable because:

  • they help create a better, more efficient Customer Experience
  • they are a source of competitive advantage because they are bespoke and hard to replicate
  • they help break down internal silos as they make collaboration seamless and more effective
  • they generate growth (that you can measure in hard KPIs)
  • they help make innovation less messy


Business clarity

Articulating a clear, compelling and (most importantly) relevant value proposition for all stakeholders – both internal and external – can make or break any business. This should the starting point for any strategic exercise.

BAREBONE’s approach is built around using brand as a strategic tool to support and inform business decision making. Brand should always be the organising principle that drives and informs every business touchpoint, inside-out:

  1. Internally: it acts as a rallying cry that brings together people, facilitates collaboration and focuses efforts on a shared goal.
  2. Externally: it acts as the platform for designing the unique customer experience that makes the business relevant.


Customer understanding

Knowing how business works is important. But having a good model for customer understanding even more so, because it’s much, much harder.

That’s why BAREBONE uses two different proprietary approaches to tackle it. We call them dry data and wet data:

  1. Dry Data: working with technology partners that analyse immense public datasets to generate sector and product specific insights about consumer behaviour.
  2. Wet Data: working with our own innovation lab of neuro-physiological research, we generate consumer insights by analysing electrical activity produced by the human body.