For Agencies

BAREBONE can be a great strategic muscle for agencies of all sorts. We’ve developed strategic tools that our agency partners use and re-use to ensure strategic consistency across their client accounts.

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A flavour of some strategic tools we’ve developed in the past:


>> Customer experience audit & roadmap:

As the single most important thing consumers care about, the experience that a brand delivers is many times make or break for the business. Understanding, designing and managing it should be the top priority for any business that aims to stay relevant.

>> Channel strategy:

A good channel strategy should show the role of each marketing channel used and how they are working together to deliver on business KPIs. With the right strategic approach, customer acquisition, retention and lifetime value work in concert to deliver real results.

>> Messaging hierarchy:

Even a solid value proposition means very little unless it’s properly translated into a relevant stakeholder pitch with clear key messages. To deliver impact, market-facing messages need to be coherent, consistent and clearly

>> Messaging matrix

In our digital-first world, the old ‘spray & pray’ approach to marketing comms has been long due a paradigmatic overhaul. Our messaging framework (based on a matrix approach) ensures alignment, focus, and visibility on what works, ensuring real-time course correction (and more).

>> Segmentation tool

Any business that lacks clarity on who its stakeholders are (and how to interact with them) is condemned to try and cater for everyone – with very limited chances of success. It’s time to move away from the shallow (demographics), unrealistic (personas) and irrelevant models of the past and make segmentation the strategic asset it should be.